for neXt generation.

Applix is a cutting-edge digital platform and engineering studio, offering transformational solutions in manufacturing & supply chain.
Since 2023, Applix has been setting new standards in excellence and innovation in manufacturing transformation through AI and XR technologies.

Studio offerings.

Our engineering studio is built to provide world-class expertise and resources to address industry challenges in digital solutions, engineering and R&D, and business consulting.
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Digital solutions

End-to-end digital solution offerings for next-gen enterprises, including: application development, software modernization, IP-led innovations, expertise in DevSecOps, hyper automation and AI & ML, aimed at enterprise-wide digital transformation.

Engineering and R&D

World class expertise in mechanical engineering, embedded electronics and software development enables our clients to accelerate product development and leverage the latest technologies. In manufacturing and supply chain management we focus on best-practices, risk management, and operational efficiency, providing high-impact solutions and support for our clients.

Business consulting

Our business Consulting services employ a multidisciplinary approach to deliver customized strategies that bolster operational efficiency, financial stability, and market competitiveness. Utilizing deep industry insights and analytics, we tackle complex challenges and fuel sustainable growth for next-gen enterprises.

Digital PLM

Upgrade Digital PLM practices and stay prepared for Digital Product Development  Increasing disruption in product ideation, design and delivery coupled with emerging concepts like 3D printing, Smart Manufacturing and Digital twin have opened a new era of product development and PLM processes. Applix assists its customers in their PLM transformational journey through initiatives such as Digital PLM, Model Based Enterprise and Industry 4.0, helping them achieve faster time to market and deliver next-gen products.

Innovative. Digital toolbox.

Our digital platform is a growing toolbox of innovative solutions designed to tackle real challenges in manufacturing, quality and supply chain management.

Industries we work with.

01. Transportation

Our specialized transportation engineering services empower OEMs to build innovative next-generation vehicles and aircraft.

02. Consumer & Industrial Products

Our multidisciplinary team assists OEMs and operators through the entire value chain, driving innovation and efficiency.

03. Health care

We empowers healthcare entities to optimize patient care and operational efficiency by leveraging advanced technologies.

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